10 DIY Wood Projects for Your Bathroom

Either you want to increase storage in your bathroom or you want to make some new decor changes then you have arrived at the right place. There are many interesting ideas with which you can organize and decorate your bathroom with wood. Depending upon your budget, you can use wood as budget friendly as pallets to as costly as cedar. So, take a look at different ways to create DIY wood projects for your bathroom:


1. Build Simple Shelves Above The Toilet to Boost Storage

Image via: the frugal homemaker


2. Make a Tray for Your Bathtub to Cozy Up Your Bathroom

Image via: the idea room

3. Craft Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush Wood Signs for Your Kids Bathroom

Image via: pinterest , rustic decor


4. Build a Hanging Ladder Shelf for Your Bathroom

Image via: etsy , amazon


5. Make a Storage Shelf for The Side of the Bathroom Vanity

Image via: home dit

6. Build a Vanity for Bathroom with Recycled Pallet Wood or Shiplap

Image via: house of rumours , decoratoo


7. Build a Towel Rack Shelf to Keep Your Bathroom Clutter Free

Image via: dwelling in happiness

8. Create an Accent Wall with Weathered Wood Planks

Image via: blesser house


9. Make a Stepping Stool for The Kids Bathroom

Image via: her tool belt


10. Make a Cedar Bath Mat

Image via: themerrythought


Source : amazinginteriordesign.com

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