17 Photos Of People Having A Worse Day Than You

Everyone has experienced that moment in childhood when they come face to face with loss. It’s at that point that you realize the transience of life: that nothing is truly yours because, in just a flash, it can all be taken away. If you’re lucky, your parents drag you away from the scene and buy you a new cone, but it is never the same as you imagined the original would be before it was wrenched away from you.

Alas, these soul crushing moments are just a part of life, not always in the form of loss, but sometimes shock (Skittles’ “lime” flavor is now “green apple”?!), or trauma (when your grandfather wore a Speedo that one time in Florida), and so we bring you 17 of them. Brace yourselves — this won’t be easy.

1. The pizza that lost its cheese

A moment of silence is in order for all those casualties of the careless delivery guy. Flipping the box is pure negligence.

Twitter | @nathan_perez11

2. This savage

This is proof that civilization is failing and the uncultured shall inherit the earth.

Instagram | @hyenaguide

3. The beer chilled too long

This is terrible, but thank god it’s only MGD, or it could have been tragic.

Instagram | @janetbevilacqua86

4. This horrific appendage

Just think of all the things that toe is capable of doing to you.

Twitter | @49erswagg

5. The wine bottle that was mistaken for a twist-off

There is nothing so disappointing as realizing you bought corked wine and that you do not have enough class to own a corkscrew.

imgur | veintiseis

6. The soda that will never be enjoyed

Tragedies like this happen every day.

reddit | ShowTowels

7. The most delicious lunch

And the melted fork. Hot cheesy gooey-ness is a double edged sword.

reddit | O2142

8. The stretched out sweater

One arm is going to be longer than the other. And there are going to be those weird puckered pockets mid arm. Life is cruel.

reddit | Scotwriter

9. Nooooooooo!

The worst of the worst. I would still lick every morsel off the floor and fridge drawers.

reddit | Aeleksander_RL

10. The snack that’s stuck

The fact that they’re all dressed chips makes this all the more upsetting. Never will that person taste the perfect fusion of  barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, and ketchup bursting on their taste buds.

reddit | burgerlover69

11. The broken earbud

You may as well go home. It’s all over.

reddit | that_white_girl

12. When all of a sudden you’re out of eggs

What a waste of chicken ovulation. I guess you’re having cereal for breakfast.

imgur | veintiseis

13. The pepper shaker lid that wasn’t screwed on

Another breakfast egg catastrophe. Another bowl of cereal.

reddit | chrisdidit

14. Not egg-ainnnn!

The hard-boiled egg that does not peel properly is almost as unbearable as the above pun.

Instagram | @jesssiker

15. The baked iPhone

Oh my god. But the cake is still edible right?

Twitter | @azealiadelminaj

16. The Blizzard that didn’t flip

Devastating. Lies DQ, all lies!

Twitter | @eetorres13

17. Four casualties

Life is precarious. Especially when you’re a beer in a tall stemmed glass, and the guy who’s carrying you is on his fifth round.

reddit | SlimJones123

Main image via Instagram / @janetbevilacqua86 

Collage image via reddit / Aeleksander_RL 

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