20 Dorm Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

1. Use a over-the-door jewelry or shoe organizer to store food.

This also works great for organizing your bathroom lotions, shampoo, etc.

2. A shower caddy is perfect for housing small school supplies.

3. Divide your drawers into easy to access sections with shoe boxes (or cereal boxes trimmed down).

While this works awesome for clothes, it can definitely be a huge help for organizing any drawer.

4. Mason jars make excellent (and cute) organizers.

Use them to hold anything from school supplies to makeup.

5. Use binder clips not only for paper, but for organizing/holding cables.

An instant mess solver.

6. Do not waste pop tabs! Place one on a hanger hook and voila, you stack your hangers.

Making a ton more space for your clothes.

7. Place shower hooks on a hanger and instantly make a scarf holder.

8. Strategically folding clothes will create more space in your drawers!

9. Create a makeup display with an old frame and Velcro stickers.

Just attach one side of the Velcro to the frame, the other to your makeup.

10. Wrap a plastic bag around clothes hanging in your closet to make moving day SO much easier.

11. Loft your bed as high as you can and get drapes to create a personal space.

12. Use Washi tape to create wall decorations that peel right off.

13. Have cardboard, material and tape? Instant headboard for your bed!

14. Use adhesives strips and clothespinsto hang a tapestry.

15. Have stains on your carpet or want something to liven up your room? Use a rug!

16. Use the spine of binders to make a fake book shelf.

There are some things you’ll probably want to keep hidden… one way or another…

17. Use car deodorizer or dryer sheetsover vents to create a nice smell in your room!

18. Use bed lifts that feature USB and power outlets.

19. Put Washi tape on both sides of a cord so you can easily unplug it.

20. Save space by using folding chairsthat you can easily store.

Have you used these hacks before? If not, do you plan on using these?


Source : society19.com

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