20 Post-Baby Beauty Changes Only Mothers Know

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Having a child isn’t just an overall life changer, it can also affect parts of your day-to-day routine. After you’ve given birth, both your body and beauty routine will take some time going through an adjustment period.

Differences in everything from your physical appearance to personal style can be the result of your new bundle of joy.

Whether a change seems good or bad, just remember it’s all natural!

1. You might notice some extra hair loss in the shower.
After pregnancy, your estrogen levels take a hit, which can often result in more hair loss than usual. Don’t worry, though. In 6–12 months, your hair should return to its normal lifespan.


2. Everybody gets stretch marks.
Stretch marks are one of the most common physical changes women experience after having a baby. There are a number of conditioning oils available to minimize the marks, or you could just love them!


Cinta Tort Cartró is an artist who is taking a new, positive approach to stretch marks.
The feminist painter showcases the beauty of women’s stretch marks by highlighting them in bright colors.

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3. You might break a nail more often.
After giving birth, you may notice that your nails are brittle or flimsy. This could be a particular shock because most women’s nails grow long and strong during pregnancy.


Don’t stress it, though.
There are a ton of nail strengthening products on the market — just check out your drugstore’s nail polish section. Like most postpartum effects, you won’t have brittle nails forever!


4. Your skin may need a little extra hydration.
Like many post-baby changes, the appearance of dry skin is linked to hormones. The solution? Lather yourself in a rich hydrating cream and drink plenty of H2O.

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And don’t worry, this is only a rough patch.
It’ll take some time for your hormones to regulate after giving birth.

But you’ll put up with all the dry skin in the world for your little bundle, of course!


5. You’ll probably need to buy a new bra.
It’s no secret that pregnancy increases your breast size, and the same goes for postpartum. In this case, your body is getting prepped for breastfeeding.

Farewell, tiny bandeaus. Farewell.


6. The shape of your body is going to change.
You literally just gave birth to another human being — of course your body is going to look different! Whether you’re above or below your pre-pregnancy weight, embrace it!


This includes the size of your post-baby belly.
Your uterus (and belly skin) have been stretching out for nine months now. What did you think, they’d just snap back together like a Slinky?

7. C-sections are common, and so are their scars.
Scars tell your story, so wear them proudly.

If you do wish to conceal your scar, however, there are a number of natural and cosmetic options.


8. As changes in your body come, so will changes in your beauty regime.
Your priorities may shift, and you could find yourself opting for a more natural makeup look — or at least one that takes less time to apply.


9. A ponytail is your new signature hairdo.
It’s just easier. Plus, when your little tot starts getting grabby, you’re going to be extra thankful that your hair is out of harm’s way.


10. Speaking of things getting pulled, watch out for your earrings!
Large hoop or dangling earrings are not an option while holding a small child.

They’re basically just two shiny mobiles within your baby’s reach.


11. Breast size isn’t the only thing that’ll change when it comes to your girls.
During pregnancy, the areolas can darken as soon as a week after conception due to hormonal changes, and this color may stay with you after childbirth.

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12. You’ll learn to embrace the dark circles under your eyes.
Sleep may not have a major role in your life following the birth of your child.

Best to just rock those bags as if they’re designer.


There are alternative options, however.
If concealer won’t mask your bags, consider going for the all-out glittery unicorn look.

At the very least, your kids will love it.


13. You could benefit from more calculated leg-shaving.
Time is of the essence here. Shave in accordance with the rips in your jeans or length of your capris.

At least the men in your life will complain less about how long you’re in the shower for.


14. Your clothing style may become more practical.
You’ll always have great style, but you could also add some more comfy and playground-friendly items to your closet.

Trendy sweatpants and black leggings are your new best friends.

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15. Melasma might last longer than expected.
Also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” these brown spots on your face should start to disappear after delivery.

In the event that they don’t, take an stroll down to your dermatologist and have things sorted out.


16. We all know about the hair loss, but let’s not forget about the lackluster hair situation.
With hormonal and nutritional jumps, your hair can turn out to be a pile of sandpaper. Don’t fret, though — like most post-partum changes, it’s only temporary.


To remedy your brittle bundle of hair, try deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, and regular hair trimming to get that bounce back.
Your locks with be lush in no time!


17. Very vascular varicose veins.
The next time someone asks you what’s poppin’, you can just say “my veins to be quite honest” and be done with it ’cause that’s literally it.

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To limit the discomfort, stay active and keep your blood flowin’ — pick an activity you enjoy.
You can also wear compression socks and elevate your legs.


18. Don’t be afraid to tackle those skin tags that might’ve popped up during your pregnancy.
Your bod was working in overdrive and may have produced too many cells to deal with.


But worry not — they’re harmless, and can be removed with ease.
Make a trip to your doctor for a pain-free removal, and feel a little bit better about your post-partum body.


19. You may go up a shoe size — or two.
We all know that your feet can swell during pregnancy, but did you know they could become larger postpartum? Healthy weight gain during pregnancy can actually put pressure on your tootsies, flatten your arch, and make your feet longer.


20. You may develop a “mom sense” for finding deals.
Moms always seem to know the best beauty hacks. You might also have an eye for deals like you never did before. And while it may seem tempting to reallocate funds from your beauty budget to your kids, it’s important to treat yourself when you can.

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