20 Rare Views That Show A Different Side Of Things

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Sometimes seeing things from a new perspective can inspire you. Or it can mess you up really bad.

This list of 20 rare views of things has a nice mixture of delight and terror for your viewing pleasure. Hold on to your butt!

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1. It looks like a cool room, but it’s really the interior of a violin.

reddit | DonTago

2. This cross section of an apricot tree looks like a creepy alien man.

reddit | Proteon

3. This triggerfish mouth looks oddly like a human mouth.

Imgur | FlaccidFlanges

4. Ever see the inside of a goose’s mouth?

reddit | cruciatus_curse

5. Crested penguin mouth.

Twitter | @CreatureDesigns

6. This other view of a penguin.

reddit | Girlwithnousername

7. Golf ball encapsulated by two growing trees.

reddit | theearthvolta

8. A parasite sitting where the tongue usually is in this fish’s mouth, waiting for food.

Imgur | FlaccidFlanges

9. A close-up shot of hatched butterfly eggs.

Art House

10. This view of what happens at the bottom of the ocean.

reddit | reddit-er

11. Maggot under an electron microscope.

reddit | lakmolb

12. An electron microscopic view of a moth’s wing.

reddit | Dahaka11

13. A cicada molting.

YouTube | Neal Baltz

14. Spider molting.

reddit | shahi000

15. The inside of a cluster bomb.

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16. You don’t usually see JUST the nerves in your body.

Imgur | encryptyourmind

17. Pearls inside of an oyster.

reddit | [deleted]

18. This mutant apple growing inside another apple.

reddit | mysql101

19. The underside of a live sand dollar.

Imgur | TFTubist

20. Inside a sea turtle’s mouth.

reddit | hereticnasom

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