20 Things You’re Gonna Want To See To Believe

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If you’re not on the internet to see weird pictures and gifs that you’ve never seen before, what are you even doing online? What we’re dealing with today is a wild hodgepodge of bizarre, funny, and sometimes adorable sights that you’ll need to see to believe. Heck, I spend my entire day online and some of these even wrinkled my brain.

1. I’ve heard of a trash barge, but this is ridiculous!
You laugh, but I bet you couldn’t tell me the proper way to dispose of a boat without looking it up, could you?


2. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Apparently, that’s true, but you can have an old dog make an adorable attempt at hula-hooping and end up with a gif for the ages.


3. The home decor item you didn’t know you wanted — a holographic lamp.
Yeah, it’s cool and all, but that cat is going to be miffed when it goes to mow down on the bird and instead gets sucked into the Matrix.

Imgur | earaserparty

4. When the housing market crashed, it really crashed.
And, just like Apple, the house warranty doesn’t cover slips, falls, and water damage. I wonder if they tried turning it off and back on again.

Reddit | whicketywack

5. You’ve heard of a vampire bat? How about a vampire cat?
Sure, it’s a bit creepy, but it’s also kind of sweet to imagine finding little mice lying around with tiny puncture marks on their necks.

Reddit | beckolyn

6. Greg’s a pretty normal guy. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else.
How he puts on other people’s pants is a whole other story.


7. Ohhhhhh sheet.
Having something like this happen has been a nightmare for me ever since I watched the highway accident scene in Final Destination 2. Thankfully, this person looks like they made it out relatively safely.


8. The kinds of things you can find washed up on the beach.
According to the guy who shared this image, he was just wandering the sand when he stumbled across this surfboard with not one but two shark bites taken out of it.

Reddit | louisaantonia

9. Literally the only time having your earbuds get tangled is a good thing.
I genuinely can’t figure out how this even happened without weeks of planning and a lot of starch to freeze it in place.

Reddit | [deleted]

10. You need to watch how they slice this fruit.
I can’t imagine a more a-peel-ing way to open a clementine than this. How does somebody even come up with the idea to try this, let alone pull it off so majestically?

Wait for it…

11. They said it was hot enough to cook an egg on the hood of a car, but cookies are even better.
Granted, I’m not about to eat hood cookies but it’s the thought that counts.

Reddit | Ibemario472

12. The way this dripping water froze is cooler than anything you could asp for.
When it evaporates, the water will turn into viper. Get it? Viper/vapor? No? I’ll see myself out

Reddit | Tristan_Leger

13. What the flock?
This incredibly dope picture shows a phenomenon called murmuration, where a flock of starlings will fly in various, mutating formations. In this case, photographer Daniel Biber just happened to capture the already-incredible sight at a perfect moment when the starlings appeared to be flying in the shape of a bird.

LensCulture | Daniel Biber

14. Looks like them Duke boys are at it again.
Yep, you’re seeing that right. The driver of the SUV lost control of their vehicle and appeared to be heading for a dangerous collision with the car in front. Instead, they ended up leapfrogging over it. This bizarre footage was captured by Robb Brilbeck and shared on YouTube.

15. This lemon tree decided to try something a little different.
I wouldn’t have guessed it was possible, but this is a real lemon tree growing honest-to-goodness tangerines on one side.

Reddit | Elfocrash

16. I genuinely can’t tell if this is brilliant or the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
My first instinct was to ask “Why aren’t we funding this?!” but then I realized that the thought of having four different charge cables going at once sounds like the kind of chaos I just don’t need in my life.

Reddit | skyraider_37

17. Some incredible nature art, created by nature.
Sure, there’s a possibility that this dude took the time to draw in the grime himself for fake internet points, but if I can’t believe a stranger on the internet then, who can I trust?


18. When the kids need a bath after giving themselves a bath.
There’s no limit to what children’s curiosity will lead them to do. They’re way more worried about having a good time than they are about some silly E. coli.


19. If you thought manspreading on public transit was bad…
As if socks and sandals weren’t criminal enough, his power stance is so extreme that she can probably see up his cargo shorts.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

20. Let’s finish this off with a literal bang. If you thought Japanese game shows were wild, you should see what they’re up to in Germany.

Yes, this is real footage from an actual game show in Germany called Wetten, dass..? where people would bet on whether or not they could pull off bizarre stunts or tasks, with a cash prize if they could pull it off. Clearly, this guy did.


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