24 Brilliant Home Hacks That Are Actually The Easiest

Being an adult is hard. Between working, sleeping, eating, and Netflix and chilling, where are we expected to find the time to organize our homes?

Luckily for us, there’s a variety of amazing home hacks across the internet that are actually ridiculously easy to do. So easy, in fact, that we barely have to take time out of our regularly programmed schedules to do them.

1. Attach a car freshener to a fan to keep a room smelling fresh.

This is perfect in the summer when your home could use a little bit of fresh air.

Common Canopy


2. Use a pool noodle to protect your car door.

This hack is absolutely genius — too bad it doesn’t protect you from the idiots who open their doors on your car in public lots. Who’s got a hack for that?



3. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan.

That little switch changes the rotation of the blades. When it’s chilly out, the blades should turn clockwise to force the warm air from the ceiling downwards. This will totally help you save on energy bills. 🙏

Mom 4 Real


4. Use desk storage for optimal pantry storage.

I mean, the pantry is one of the most important spots in the house. This strategy will give you lots of room for all the snacks.

Domestic Imperfection

5. Attach a magnet to the bottom of your hammer.

If you’re sick of losing your nails or you’re just not down for holding them in your mouth, this is the perfect hack for you. 

Dream A Little Bigger


6. Store your laundry detergent in a beverage dispenser.

We all have one of these that we got on sale but never use. This is actually perfect for an open laundry space to hide the huge detergent container. Just keep it out of reach of young children.

Your Little Birdie


7. Use an upside-down command hook to hang a wreath.

I was literally just wondering how I was going to do this today. Command hooks are the ultimate home hacker tool.

Timmons Family Lemonade


8. Use a bottle to help fill a glass jar.

This way you don’t need as much filler. Plus, you’ll have use for all the bottles you finish off as well.

Curb Alert Blog

9. Hide your router behind some “books.”

Internet routers are one of the ugliest things we need in our homes. This DIY is the perfect way to keep them hidden in plain sight. 

DIY Real


10. Use a squeegee to pick up pet hair.

Who would have thought this would actually work? Apparently using a squeegee makes it easier to gather the hair into clumps to pick up by hand. 

Pet Doors


11. Use a rubber band to help unscrew a stripped screw.

I am currently thinking of all the screws I’m going to try this with as soon as I get home. I seriously hope this works.

Life Hacker


12. Use shower curtain hooks to hang your jeans.

This could be handy for anything with a loop, like jackets, jeans, or accessories. This is a much better idea than tossing them in a pile like I do.

Home Hacks

13. Use a pop tab to hang a second hanger in your closet.

Not only will this save space, but also a lot of time. I hate doubling up on hangers because I can’t see what’s underneath.

The Shabby Creek Cottage


14. Put a little squiggle of glue on top of your hangers to stop clothes from falling off.

Clothes falling off hangers might be one of my biggest pet peeves, and honestly, I wish I’d thought of this sooner.

The Shabby Creek Cottage


15. Use an empty wine bottle to hold your jewelry.

Don’t lie, you have enough in your recycling right now to make at least five of these. They’re super cute, I won’t judge.



16. Use a tension rod underneath your sink for cleaning storage.

A tension rod can be found for cheap at any department store and helps free up unused space under the sink.

Martha Stewart

17. Use an upside-down adhesive hook to keep your garbage bag in place.

If your garbage bag doesn’t fall into the can on a daily basis, then I hate you. I need to try this hack ASAP.

Reddit | MildandFire


18. Use a dryer sheet to get rid of baked on gunk on pots and pans.

All you need to do is add some warm water to the pan, layer a dryer sheet in the water, and let it sit overnight. Then wipe clean the next morning! 

Apartment Therapy


19. Use newspaper to clean your windows without streaks.

Avoid anything with color or gloss, and use a regular old newspaper to clean your windows to keep them shiny and sleek.



20. Hide an alarm, thermostat, or any other ugly device behind a hinged picture frame.

This is BRILLIANT! There are so many things in my apartment I’d like to hide but didn’t know how. Thishack is perfect.

The Third Boob

21. Use a pinecone and a medicine bottle to hide your spare keys.

Just glue the pine cone to the bottom of the pinecone bottom, put the key inside, and bury it outside. Just don’t forget where you hid it…

Factory Direct Craft


22. Use tape to help measure the perfect distance between holes.

There’s nothing worse than guessing where a hole should go on a wall, and then having to drill a second one after.

I Heart Nap Time


23. Add a few drops of essential oil to the inside of a toilet paper roll.

Every time someone uses the toilet paper, the scent will be released. This is genius. 

Loving Oily Life

24. Never run out of hand soap again with this super simple trick.

Just add a long tube from your dispenser to a giant bottle of soap. You won’t have to replace it all year.

Ask AnnaSimple Details Blog


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