24 Pics You Actually Will Hope Aren’t Real

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As much as the internet hates getting hoodwinked by fake pics, you have to admit that sometimes that fakeness comes as a relief.

Like, I can’t say I was disappointed to find out that a “terrifying sea monster” was actually photoshopped.

But of course, the things that we most want to be fake turn out to be the real deal. And we’re stuck facing a world with these things in it.

1. So this obviously happened and somebody felt the familiar sting of a scam, but there’s one thing I really hope here.
I hope this person managed to talk that price down a lot, because the thought of paying $225 for useless earbuds hurts my heart.


2. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen often because I don’t want anything to put a damper on coming home to a good boy.
And if anything could do that, it’s having to deal with a crop circle made of pee literally every time you step inside.

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3. I don’t hope this is fake because I care who wins in this silly argument. Nope, this is about principles.
Namely, the principle that demands there exist a place where your boss can’t get to you. If you can work underwater, the battle is lost.


4. This is actually a pretty good idea and I have no problem with the fact that it exists.
However, I hope to God that they didn’t actually send the deer one to anybody. You have to really know someone’s sense of humor for that one.


5. I want the cries of “FAKE” to be right on this one, because nobody should have to know what skeevy things their ex is googling.
That seems like a punishment you get when you go to Hell. It can stay out of real life

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6. A very large part of me loves this, but it better not actually catch on.
The last thing I want during somebody’s birthday party is having to duck pool balls because some maniac felt like being a wild and crazy guy.

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7. Well, I suppose we can rest easy because we already know that this one isn’t true.
Unfortunately, it’s also the one on this list that I kinda want to be true, so even when I win, I lose here.

Yeah, that’s life in a nutshell.

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8. This one seems bad enough before you realize that she drove crazily enough to actually tilt the car seat here.
Either it’s not doing its job properly, or this poor kid is basically riding a tilt-a-whirl back there. Either way, I don’t like it.

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9. I’m sure this happened, but I really don’t want to believe that Post Malone is capable of such scumbaggery.
I’m sure there are a lot of pictures floating around of him drinking stuff, so this is probably the work of an impostor.



10. I really don’t think I like the idea of a spider that can use a Pringles can as camouflage.
The little guy better not be venomous, because with my luck, he’s gonna end up on my next can. I’m not trying to hit the hospital!


11. Did some total ninja somehow do this without them noticing, or did these girls do it themselves?
Either way, I’m just glad we’re not seeing a picture of these two trying to get up. OK, I’m glad and a little disappointed.

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12. This better not be something that news reporters do often, because I think we have enough trust issues right now.
I don’t want to miss the days when I could watch the news without bitterly saying, “yeah, sure” whenever someone’s name comes up.

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13. Man, I’m not even sure how I’d react if my mom acted this savage so quickly.
And like, how do you make one word sting so much? I’d probably just give up on that day and go back to bed.


14. Oh great, now I’m suddenly really suspicious about all the meat I have in my fridge.
I apologize in advance to my family, who are gonna be stuck saying, “No, it doesn’t taste like feet” for a while now.

Why did I have to see this?

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15. Oh boy, I really hope this deodorant doesn’t look like this for the reason I think it does.
Somebody had to have done this on a dare, right? Wouldn’t you give it a little nibble and not a giant bite if you got curious?


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16. Yeah, the dog driving isn’t the reason I want this to be fake. Who wouldn’t love that, right?
Right, we’re in agreement. So you can understand that I want this to be fake because of this person’s reaction.

Appreciate the rare gifts life brings you, jerk.

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17. Maybe I’m just in denial, but I really don’t want to believe that we can take this much of an L as a species.
But yes, somebody has helpfully broken down all the reasons why this is so disappointing to hear.

It’s real, isn’t it? Great…

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18. There’s something about getting a tattoo of something that costs less than the tattoo itself that bothers me in a weird way.
Like, we apparently have scannable tattoos, and the first person to discover that just goes with Oreos?

Can we not think a bit bigger?

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19. Haha, I can’t deny that this is a creative solution. Still, this kind of problem-solving seems…hard to live with.
I think I’d actually be more haunted by how I’m getting all this duct tape off the paint than the actual scorpion.

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20. Oh boy, I get the feeling that this is nowhere near the end of the conversation.
With that in mind, this has to be the most insincere “lol” I’ve ever seen. Nobody laughs out loud when they say that, but they’re not even laughing inside.

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21. I’m sorry this had to happen to anyone, but I’m just relieved that none of my friends would pull some creepy crap like this.
I guess one advantage to being single AF is that I don’t have anyone to use as a creepy mask.

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22. Once again, let’s cleanse our palate with something we can safely say isn’t true.
This article is a work of satire. No blue whale has had to spend its last days hanging bored and alone over the Museum of Natural History.

At least there’s that.

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23. That tattoo definitely exists, so now our only hope is that this conversation doesn’t.
Of course, that just leaves us with a puzzle. Is there even a context that makes this tattoo’s existence a good thing?

It’s too early to think this hard.


24. I’m just making sure, because y’all are starting to worry me. Nobody’s actually trying to eat these things, right?
Like, this better be just one of those hilarious goofs where we act all serious about something ridiculous. Otherwise, y’all are in for a stomach pump.

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