25 Disgusting Backgrounds That People Accidently Captured in Their Selfies

There are times when we are too engrossed in embracing ourselves in the front camera of our phone that we do not give a damn about what background is being captured! Thus, many-a-times, these photographs when posted on social media, gather flak, thanks to the utter carelessness.

This piece will be a warning for you, to keep a check on your backgrounds, more than your foreground, for this world has a lot of free time to judge you! Also, its prying eyes will simply rip you apart with the vision to spot the queer and bizarre in a photograph.

Not only by people, you can be photobombed with the rarest of the sights. The unnerving examples can be a reflection in the mirror, an animal performing bizarre stunts or simply any utterly unfortunate coincidence.

Have a look at the snaps below, to learn a lesson for life!

Look back, girl!

What’s written there.

When the cop is too pissed off!

Look at the happiness of friends.

Gosh! Could you spot it?

That’s kept right there. Beware, girl!

Voldemort IRL?

Dementors coming?


That’s bad, huh!

There’s someone in the bathtub.

Watch out, babe!

When there’s someone peeping into your camera.


Caught you!

When the urge to click a selfie surpasses the urge to pee.


Clicks without wits!

Resultant blunders.

Hawt butt!

Can you spot it?


I mean, how can you?!

An unsuitable selfie from an unsuitable angle.

Utter failure!

It has the perfect angle.

Eyeing your ice cream, lady.

Look beyond your camera.

You may not be civil, dude.

Too much aggression.

Too engrossed.

Will you please get over this OCD to click selfies?

That is unnerving.

That’s a huge blooper, babe.

Background check, highly recommended.

That innocent kid is horrified.

What are you upto, man?

What exactly was her intention behind this click?


When you are too desperate to get clicked before heading to that prom night…

Fu**ed friendship obligations.

Look closely…

Can you spot the intruder?

You’re actually happy with your hair?

Or is it something else?

Why, girl, why?

Atleast mark the range of your camera!

Now, that’s a white lie.

Your reflectors reflect the truth.

Busted by the cat?

Or a wrong selfie spot?

We hope this piece opened your eyes towards the repercussions of unchecked backgrounds in selfies.

Do pay attention, folks. Take care.

Source: Wittyfeed

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