33 People With Absolutely Zero Regrets

Reddit | MedSchoolOrBust

3. This person for whom it all paid off

Who cares if you had white powder marks all over your car interior for the last year? It was totally worth it!

Twitter | @adunkel2016

4. This guy who made sure his senior picture was more than memorable

America is where dreams are made and so is senior year. Although, they can both be a little overrated at times…

Twitter | @Noiz___

5. This person who knows a beach bod isn’t worth sweating over

You know what they say: if you can’t get a six-pack, live vicariously through random objects you’ve taped gum onto.

Instagram | @kalesalad

6. This friend who saw an opportunity for shameless self-promotion and took it

While this guy might not have any regrets, his friend probably had a few after the session was complete.

Twitter | @millselle

7. This girl who decided to live her best life by hiding her vodka in bread

Those are two grain-based carbs that are bound to make any music festival infinitely better.

Reddit | MedSchoolOrBust

8. This person who did what had to be done to get the best piece possible

Sometimes, you’ve got to be selfish in life, even if it means making others resent you.

Reddit | TheEpicestDerp

9. This girl who refused to be messed with

I think she just put an end to that. In some relationships, you have to be a crazed psycho demon to secure your privacy.

Reddit | tkhatri1997

10. This dog who looks like he just had a great out-of-body experience

Literally nothing can compare to the pleasure of having your favorite snack caress every part of your body.

Reddit | Joseph_Valdez

11. This wild couple who took full advantage of their night out

Couples at Target are basically like kids in a candy store. Add a whole lot of rum, and things get even crazier.

Twitter | @bottlerocket

12. When popcorn just doesn’t do it for you.

Instagram | @kalesalad

13. This pie-eyed grandma who’s going to be occupied for the rest of the night

That is the look for a very happy woman, and we can’t really blame her, can we?


14. If you’ve never tried the therapeutic benefits of bubble wrap, this guy and I can highly recommend it.

But maybe make sure you’re not behind the wheel of a car before you do so.


15. She swears public transit is the absolute worst and bae is always there for her.

But hello, where are the helmets at???

Twitter | @elmensmag

16. When grandma finally moves on from grandpa.

Reddit | Greentechbuilder

17. I honestly have no clue what’s going on here.

But they seem so in love!

Reddit | karim2k

18. Party in the front, after-party in the back.

Reddit | iamnomoney

19. Those Apple geniuses downtown are really diverse nowadays.

Instagram | @_theblessedone

20. The girl in this relationship has no regrets.

But I can’t say the same for the guy.

Twitter | @miaakellyy

21. Here’s a girl who knows how to treat herself

Reddit | [deleted]

22. I love how she’s serving that look in the mirror.

And anyone who tells her there’s no hot dog princess is probably gonna hear, “Well, there is now!”

Hey, it’s not her fault Disney hasn’t hopped on that train yet.

Twitter | @BrianCalzini

23. Yeah, just keep walking past this house.

Instagram | @will_ent

24. I suppose it would be a waste of time to ask why she did this.
The point is that she likes it and I’m fine with not understanding it.

Instagram | @will_ent

25. Don’t judge, everybody’s got their thing!

Are you telling me you don’t know at least one person who would drink ranch dressing straight out the bottle? This is no different!

Reddit | A_cray11

26. Don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your dreams. 💪

I’ll be honest, there are many days where I could totally go for 28 industrial-sized bags of Cheetos.

Facebook | Who needs wood for a fire when you’re Hermione Granger.

27. When you have to get to the battle of Winterfell after third period.

Reddit | shocksbored

28. Don’t let anybody define your style for you — if you like what you got, flaunt it! 🔥💯😂

And don’t let anybody define your style for you — if you like what you got, flaunt it! 🔥💯😂

Imgur | davetay102

29. Home sweet home.

Instagram | @kalesalad

30. Meanwhile, in Florida.

Reddit | Littlewing29

31. This person who isn’t ashamed to flaunt it on social media

Those hands aren’t just perfectly manicured, they also seem to be particularly good at throwing shade. Eat your heart out.

Instagram | @periodickally

32. Forget pajama day, this kid took it to a whole other level and never looked back.

Imgur | OnniMatikainen

33. Remember, you’re never too old to get your weird on!

These two adorable seniors are on a roll! Look at that punk riding around on his skateboard — lol such goals.

Instagram | @will_ent

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