British Tourist Reveals The ‘Secret Floor’ Of North Korean Hotel

North Korea is a complete mystery to many of us.

It’s an entire country shrouded in mystery.

We know very little, other than what we see in the media (which is often weird and kinda scary), and what we’re told by the people who visited the country.

There are a lot of strict rules in North Korea. Particularly around censorship.

No wonder most of us hardly know anything about this country!

More often than not, photography is not even allowed in the country, unless you have a special government license.

Outsiders aren’t even allowed into the country unless they pay a hefty price.

North Korea is extremely isolated, and secretive.

Because of this constant state of mystery, many of us are left with a bleak look at life in North Korea.

But nonetheless, there are still a few people who are willing to spend a lot of money to go to this strange and mysterious country.

North Korea is incredibly fascinating, but also a very distressing country because we know so little about it, and even with the things we do know, it’s never anything good!

It seems almost insane that in this day and age we know so little about what goes on inside North Korea.

The country is very secretive, and we solely rely on the information that has somehow been smuggled out of North Korea,

We’ve heard a lot of terrible things about North Korea over the past few years, as more and more rumors have come to the light.

One of these reasons behind their handling of a very young American traveler, Otto Warmbier.

Otto visited North Korea in 2016. During his trip, he was arrested for stealing a propaganda sign from the wall of the hotel where he was staying in.

Translation: “Kick out the Americans and unite the Fatherland.”

As he attempted to return to the US on January 2 after a fun-filled trip, Otto was arrested at the airport and flung in North Korean jail.

In March of2016 he made a very brief appearance before the local censored media but then he completely disappeared into the custody of North Korean officials until his release.

The arrest charge was committing a crime against the state.

After being sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor in January 2016, Warmbier was handed back to America.

This surprised many as this wasn’t something anyone would expect North Korea to do. They’re not really known to let people in jail just go.

But America soon discovered the shocking reason why Otto was released.

He was released because he became seriously ill, and eventually slipped into a coma during his time in North Korea.

North Korea claimed to have let him go on ‘humanitarian release.’

After arriving back to America, he died a few days later.

After his death, it was revealed that Otto had been in a coma since March 2016.

According to North Korea, Otto entered into a coma after contracting the life-threatening illness, botulism, and also after taking a sleeping pill.

However, U.S Officials and Otto’s family are currently disputing this claim, saying there is no evidence that Otto contracted the disease.

But there are some doctors who claimed that his condition was likely caused by a heart attack brought on by a lack of oxygen to the brain.


His death has sparked global outrage.

But what really happened in North Korea is and still will be a mystery to most of us.

But there are many people, including a woman who went on the exact same expedition as Otto, are calling for an end to organized trips to North Korea as it puts lives in danger.

The woman has chosen to remain nameless for safety reasons, believes that the companies who take young students to places like North Korea are doing so and totally disregarding the safety of their customer’s safety.

Otto and the woman visited a hotel on an island in Pyongyang’s river as part of a nine-day trip with Young Pioneer Tours.

After their group had finished dinner, her tour guide actually encouraged them to visit one floor that was ‘off limits’.


Source: auntyacid. 

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