Gruesome video shows how killer centipedes can murder mice

[DM] A centipede’s spasm-inducing venom is so powerful, it can rapidly paralyse much larger prey.

Now, a new gruesome video shows just how effective its venom is in killing a mouse that is 15 times its size.

The footage shows a venomous golden headed centipede murdering the rodent in just 30 seconds.

Scientists believe the centipede’s deadly venom reduces the mouse’s respiratory rate and triggers brain seizures.

While the clip doesn’t show it eating the prey, mice are a common snack for the predators, who have also been known to feast on small snakes.

The footage was captured by researchers led by Kunming Institute of Zoology in China.

They wanted to identify a toxin in centipede venom that wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems of other creatures.

They found a substance they called ‘Ssm Spooky Toxin’ produced by golden head centipedes – also known as the Chinese red-headed centipede.

This toxin blocks the movement of potassium into and out of mammal cells, writes Washington Post.

The researchers believe this eventually stops blood flow to the heart, leading to heart failure and death.

The study, led by Dr Lei Luo from Kunming Institute of Zoology and published in PNAS, says that ‘centipedes’ venom has evolved to simultaneously disrupt cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and nervous systems’.

Human deaths from centipedes are relatively rare and as of 2006 there have only been three recorded cases.

However, the bites can still be incredibly unpleasant.


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