Illustrations That Show The Beautiful Intimacy Of A Couple, Deeply In LOVE

The best thing about memories is creating them! So is with moments. Life is lived in the little joys and those small moments. And surely, those moments of love must not be taken for granted. More than milestones, moments matter!

The illustrations on love by the French-American artist, Pascal Campion are here to make you remember those special moments with your ‘the one.’

The moment when the first time you confessed your love, the first time you hugged, the first time you kissed and the memories and moments are endless. In the grand gestures and events, we forget the little moments that drive our relations.

Those tender, comfortable moments, that a couple shares, when they fall in love with each other, every instant, the beauty of melting in those memorable events.

Little joys such as:

Fleeing from a party together, just for some time alone, yet together,

Sharing earphones while on a journey,

Dancing together as a family,

Cuddling with a newborn!

Gosh! This artist has proven that “all eternity is in the moment”!

Have a look at his illustrations.

When he has got your back.

Always, even in those little moments.

That early morning cuddling…

When the two of you do not want to get out of the bed.

That cuddling with the new born…

The feeling of satisfaction and innocent love

The delights of a Sunday morning…

Those sensuous good morning whispers and kisses.

Those moments of ecstasy.

When she simply wishes to jump up into your arms.

When you revel more in each other, than at a party!

When you need no one else except each other.

That hug from the back, in the balcony, on a Sunday morning.

And that nibbling on the ears… HEAVEN!

The man’s wish heard!

His girl, playing the video game with him. All achieved!

Nothing can match that meal together.

In a warm blanket, on a chilly night!

Also, the awkward happenings.

Pascal Campion, a heartfelt artist.

The embrace against a kitchen stove.

Is the dessert you desire.

That talk during the twilight.

That too, by the starboard of a ship.

You, me and us!

Life lived… Need no one else.

Revelling in each other’s company.

With all the space granted to each other! True love.

That home cooked romance.

The joy that the girl feels when her man is cooking for her.

This is just so cute and so natural.

You do not bother when you are in love, and into each other. That cute gesture of sharing the earphones.

When household chores take a romantic turn…

And you dance and enjoy your way through the weekend.

Dancing your hearts out with kids.

Having fun with all the quirky moves.

Those little moments of tickling.

Amusing each other.

When you meet after long.

The long, passionate hug. It feels as if time stops, there.

When you’re upset and he knows the way to your heart.

The purpose of a relationship, attained!

When you drink together and…

Pass out together!

We are sure these illustrations transported you to the love of your life. The touch, the whispers, the smiles.

Lovely work by Pascal Campion. Visit the artist’s Instagram profile, here.

Smitten by the warmth and intimacy portrayed by the artist. Feel free to reach out to e at for more such pieces.

Stay tuned, guys!

Source: Wittyfeed

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