Pornhub’s Data Reveals Something Happened During The False Missile Alert In Hawaii

Have you ever been asked the hypothetical question, “what would you do if you only had a few hours to live?”

For the residents of Hawaii, it didn’t sound so hypothetical a couple weeks ago when that “incoming missile” text message false alarm was sent out to everyone.

People rushed into storm drains and shelters, people panicked and basically ran for their lives.

But more hilariously, Pornhub has released some data to show that from the very second the missile alert went out to everyone, their website’s traffic dropped by nearly 80 percent in Hawaii.

Although some people clearly decided to just keep watching porn despite a possible nuclear holocaust coming their way, most people got the hell out of there. It was far below their usual levels of website traffic for a Saturday.

However, then something unexpected happened. When the second text message went out, to tell everyone that everything is okay and they have nothing to worry about, a gigantic surge of traffic hit the site. I guess they didn’t spend enough time masturbating in their life and vowed to fix that.

Pornhub released this chart to display its levels of traffic during the whole event.

At exactly 8:45 am local time in Hawaii, the correction to the terrifying missile alert was issued and traffic shot back up. By 9:01 am a sudden spike occurred, just about the time when people had time to return from those storm drains and shelters. Then at the peak of this traffic surge, about 50 percent more hits than on average occurred.

(Image credit: IFL Science)


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