Wikileaks Has Dropped All The Evidence Needed To Destroy Robert Mueller’s Career

Like the “FISA Memo” has been a topic of discussion in the Trump supporting, right-wing of the false left/right paradigm, so has Robert Mueller.

Rober Mueller is a lawyer who was the sixth director of the FBI for over 2 years through both Bush and Obama’s administrations, from 2001 to 2013. He is a prime example of how the left and right are both the same thing.

Now, he is trying to stir up drama about Trump, and so Trump’s supporters and people are finding WikiLeaks’ info exposing him to be relevant.

For months now, people have been calling for Trump to get Robert Mueller out of power as he is currently overseeing an ongoing investigation into how “Russia hacked the election”: that theory that there was alleged foreign electoral intervention by Russia and that’s why Trump won. Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General to investigate the Russia thing.

But he has skeletons of his own in the closet. Wikileaks exposed him for participating in what has been called the Uranium One scandal, in which members of what you could call the Clinton clan gave a lot of uranium to Russia.

So what..Both parties are in with Russia?

Mainstream media had this to say on the matter. According to the Huffington Post:

“Wikileaks has released a classified US State Department from 2009 that appears to prove Special Counsel Robert Mueller, head of the Trump/Russia probe, once supplied the Russians with nuclear material.

The claim, if true, would be a hugely damaging revelation that would throw the whole investigation into chaos.

Only it isn’t and Wikileaks knows it.

The text and tweet released by Wikileaks more than suggests Mueller is guilty of a serious crime, passing on nuclear material to the USA’s superpower rival.”

That’s the more “left” leaning type of media reporting on this. Now let’s take it from the supposed “right.” According to the Daily Caller:

“The president must order his attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama-Clinton-Mueller-Rosenstein criminal collusion that enriched the Clinton-Democrat crime syndicate by hundreds of millions of dollars and further embedded the power of the deep state operators who facilitated the multi-billion-dollar Uranium One pay-to-play scam.

This incredible scheme perpetrated by the criminal Clintons — and their coterie of minions and fellow travelers — implicates top officials of our federal government…including and especially the U.S Department of Justice, including and especially Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

An investigation is manifestly in the best interests of this country and of justice. It is not some political maneuver against the president’s cynical partisan persecutors or some clever machination to spare his presidency from the illegitimate cabal that is single-minded in its intent to fraudulently remove the president from office, by any means possible.”

So Daily Caller articles suddenly speak fondly of WikiLeaks and want Trump’s opponents punished. The Huffington Post gently backs the left.

What if Russia, the left, the right, and all these powers were all in on something together, and they all were the same type of class, the class of power, that keeps citizens down of both countries?


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